Fitness Center Classes

For participant safety in all classes, we recommend arriving to class on time or a few minutes early. Notify your instructor if you have any type of pre-existing conditions, this allows the instructor to make sure appropriate modifications are given.

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Class Descriptions

Strictly Strength
Designed to strengthen, tone, and balance the body, this class will take you through a slow burning workout. This is a moderate intensity, low-impact class that will utilize high volume training.
Triple Threat
This fast-paced, fat-burning workout is a combination of strength training, cardio drills and core conditioning. Triple Threat will leave you breathless and coming back for more!
Low Impact Cardio
This class will work your cardio system while alleviating stress on your joints.
Work It Circuit
Take your strength and endurance to the next level with this mixture of high intensity cardio intervals and
strength circuits on our Synergy equipment. Working every muscle group in the body you’ll be sure to get your heart pumping and muscles worked with this high intensity class.
Core & Stretch
Wind down the week with this recover class! This class will work on strengthen your core through a blend of movements, followed by some stretching to end it.
Start the morning with a high intensity interval style workout. Be prepared to use your whole body through cardio and srength exercises and of course, to sweat!